Based in Ottawa, Canada, Obasan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 100% organic mattresses and sleep accessories. Founded in 1985, they pioneered the organic sleep movement well before it became mainstream with a commitment to sustainability and pure, high-quality materials.

Obasan made world-class products, but their brand and messaging didn’t position them as an industry leader. Their main product, the completely customizable mattress series, was so complex that they hadn’t been able to create an easy-enough experience for customers to order them online. In the age of Casper and Endy, Obasan needed to evolve.

“Don’t find the right bed, build it” became our guiding message to position Obasan as the antithesis to lower-cost bed-in-a-box options. And with over 30 years of sleep and wellness experience, they needed a tone of voice and visual identity that positioned them as experts. We created a luxurious, yet attainable look and feel to entice consumers and inform them that an Obasan is worthy of your sleep for generations.