Blocks are the elements you will use when building your website.
You can create many different designs by mixing them.
I am presenting you 47 blocks now.

You can show your vimeo and youtube videos with lightbox and inline svg.
Social Media is a part of our life. Easily add social media links.
Dividers increase the legibility of your site.
Text which is to be presented exactly as written in the HTML.
Show your subpages on the page you want in various ways.
You may want to show the categories on your blog or project page.
You can embed vertical navigation anywhere on your site.
Copy and paste the SVG code. Shape it and color it.
You can easily embed code from 3rd party websites.
You can copy the url of an image from any website and embed it on your site.
It's now easier to put a form on your site.
Slideshow that you can shape as you want.
Slider that you can shape as you want. You can put either image, video etc.
Easily embed maps in your pages using snazzymaps.
Copy the youtube link and embed your videos on your site.
Of course you can embed a video from vimeo.
Showcase your photos with lightbox and various grids.
A simple WYSIWYG editor field for ordered and unordered lists
I guess a website without an image is unthinkable
Create breadcrumbs to show users their location within a website.
Create a list of items. Perhaps you will want to create a FAQ.
Perhaps you will want to add a quote your articles.
Of course, I haven't forgotten Kirby's beautiful markdown editor.
Add various types of buttons. And design them.
Use the text block to add text to pages or posts or projects etc..
Headings are titles or subtitles that you want to display on a webpage.

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