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Last year I made the Way of St. James, a famous pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago in Galicia, Spain. The route consisted of walking 770 km from Roncesvalles, France, to Santiago, walking 15-30 km each day for a month with nothing more than a small backpack. For this reason, I was forced to pack only the essentials.
Regina Castro
It is only when we understand the fundamental
nature of the problem that it is eradicated
Words by Joshua Fields Millburn
Two years ago, I was cooling off from consumerism by taking my first steps into the refreshing water of minimalism. Three months ago, I graduated from “minimalist” to “extreme minimalist” when a move abroad encouraged me to get rid of 99% of my remaining possessions.
Words by Nicholas Hallows
Thirty years later, corporate efforts to inflate consumption have only increased. The average American sees five thousand ads per day. 
Words by Nicholas Hallows
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