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It is only when we understand the fundamental nature of the problem that it is eradicated

Impossible geometric shapes, construction blocks, and curved lines that fit into parallelepiped bodies. These are the bases from which Valencia-based MUT Design got their inspiration when designing the outstanding collection of sofas, Block, for Spanish furniture brand, Missana.

An example of soft minimalism, Block is a collection that includes a single lounge chair and three-seater sofa. In this their first collaboration with Missana, MUT Design has managed to bring to life a collection of very versatile, unique, elegant, fun, and simple sofas.

With their latest project, MUT Design has gone deeper into their constant search for duality present in many of their previous pieces, by working mainly on concepts such as trend and comfort and making them work effortlessly together.

Missana tells us: For the launching of Block, we have carefully selected a fabric 

hat perfectly rounds up the amazing design. We have gone for a monochrome option and a wild electric blue colour. The fabric is from the Uniform collection and the colour is Royal Blue by the Dutch firm Febrik, whose fabric provide the product with an even stronger personality.

Alpine Terrace House by Fearon Hay Architects—a conjugation of four intersecting masses—is a retreat that withdraws from the urban hassles to immerse itself in a rugged peacefulness. Deemed as a sanctuary, the project’s location is intriguing in the way that it poses a harsh environment on conditions for a serene relaxation. Perhaps to counter the climate of 

The architecture holds a middle courtyard—a communal space that is protected by four buffer spaces that offer great views of the surroundings. Varied from a gradient of private and public programmes, each space is intertwined with another to create a circular flow that then draws back to the centre where all the inhabitants are gathered. 

Alpine Terrace House is a strange project in the way that it toys with peculiarity and minimalism. The contrast of childish maturity and playful elegance can be greatly felt when one navigates through the space. It is in this contrast that one can feel at ease in lieu of vast nature; an ease that’s not easily obtained, yet so satisfying when acquired.

Perhaps the most important team to achieve buy-in from is the development team. When communicating to developers, make sure to stress how design systems will make their lives easier.

“If they can use the carousel in the design system, and be sure that it will work, and be sure that it will be better than what they can create in the 2 or 3 days they have in the sprint, they will see the benefit immediately. You only really need an engineer to have that realization once to become an advocate for the design system.”

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The simplest scale is a single note, and sticking with a single note draws more attention to other parameters, such as rhythm and inflection.

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