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Interview by Carl MH Barenbrug

Founded by two Germans, Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, Kaschkasch design studio is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. Working primarily in furniture and lighting design, their design aesthetic can be described as a mix of function and emotion, offering clean and simple shapes with highly considered details. Kaschkasch approaches design as a helpful and practical component of life that conveys character and attitudes through the expressiveness of restraint. Basing themselves on this approach to design, we see a distinctive, characterful, and minimalist design language that is inherently present throughout the duo’s work. From their Cologne studio, we spoke to Florian and Sebastian about their creative process, 3D printing, and what it means to be a designer.

"When designing, you often intentionally limit yourself, because in the process, you usually already have some possibilities in mind that sometimes don’t allow you to make completely free decisions."

Firstly, congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. You have built a remarkable portfolio of products during that time, a number of which we have proudly showcased, such as the ingenious Bolita lamp. What are the most significant things you have learned since you began in 2011? And what would you like the next 10 years to hold for your studio?

Florian: Thank you – 10 years is a long time, over a quarter of my life. In late summer of 2011 we started Kaschkasch. The same year we realised the first projects ever together under the roof of Kaschkasch, which was part of our thesis at university.

Looking back to 2011/12 we were unbelievably naive, which was actually very lucky. What I have learned from the early years is that being naive and having a goal can release tremendous power. Today, when I think about those early years I ask myself how we managed to motivate ourselves again and again every single day.

Regarding the future, to be honest we have just asked ourselves what we wish for the next 10 years. Over the last 3–4 years we have realised that the more we are involved in the projects the better they get—we are always very eager for a lively exchange and I strongly believe that we can learn from our partners and our partner can learn from us. We are very interested in being involved in the whole process from design conceptualisation, through the development process, and at the end photography, rendering, animation video and so forth—what you’d call art direction. Besides being more involved in all these things we are interested in exploring design for chairs and outdoor furniture in the near future.

Sebastian: Cooperation! One of the most important things was to learn how to work together most effectively and harmoniously. Establishing who has what issues in the first place? Who has what strengths? Of course, we had to find each other first.

For the next 10 years, I hope to discover new and exciting projects and areas that we haven’t worked on before. And, of course, that we don’t get tired of confronting each other as a team so that we can continue to work together so successfully and in such a focused way.

Tell us a bit about life in Cologne. A place I have visited briefly myself. How have you been influenced by this city? Does it impact your creativity?

Florian: I feel comfortable here. People are open, uncomplicated, and above all, tolerant.

Sebastian: It’s really a nice city. Carnival is usually a pretty big deal here. It shapes the people in Cologne. Many are a bit crazy, but in a positive sense.

Photography: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

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