Install Requirements

Learn in detail on Kirby website --

Local environment

  1. Install your local server. You can install one of these:  MAMPXAMPPWAMPP

  2. Copy  shuffle3 folder to your web root (htdocs).

  3. Download latest of the Kirby version from here: and change folder name to kirby and copy kirby folder into shuffle3 folder.

  4. Visit localhost:8888/shuffle3/panel

  5. Open file and take panel username and password.

  6. Finally explore demo and settings.


I suggest you develop your website on local server. Move it to your hosting after your development is complete.

  1. Go to site/config/config.php and turn 'install' => false to 'install' => true and turn 'debug' => true to 'debug' => false

  2. Just to upload all files from shuffle3 folder to your desired folder (domain root etc) on server and it will work. That's it. 


Attention! What is said here is valid for Shuffle 3 and later versions. If your website has an earlier version, don't do what is said here. Shuffle 3 is not compatible with previous versions.

You will receive updates via email. When the update arrives, follow the instructions below. Some bugs have been resolved in the updates and new features have been developed.

  1. Replace assets folder with yours.

  2. Replace site/plugins folder with yours.

  3. Replace site/theme folder with yours.

You can follow all updates from roadmap.

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