My name is Ardi Levent Usta and I am a web designer and front-end designer located in İzmir, Turkey.

From 2008 I establish myself as a freelancer, creating websites for small businesses and doing front-end design for agencies.


I am profoundly involved in the whole process from the very first idea at the beginning to the final result. The most important thing for me is to talk to clients on many subjects to do good job.


The content is the design. The design is the content. And the simplicity isn’t simple. My focus is to deliver successful creative solutions in a perfect way through the whole process too create something unique.


  • Planning and developing site structure
  • Typography
  • Concept Work & Development
  • More Coffe


  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Javascript (Beginner)
  • Version Control (Git, Github)
  • CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, UIKit, Foundation etc.)
  • Web Performans (Critical rendering path, Image optimization, Javascript minification)
  • Building And Automation Tools (npm, Gulp, Bower etc..)
  • Photoshop and Sketch 4, Prototyping Tools
  • Planning and Developing Site Structure
  • UI and UX Design (Creating flowcharts, Information architecture diagrams, Sketching wireframe, Designing wireframe, Prototyping design, Coding design)
  • SASS or LESS (CSS preprocessors)
  • Negotiation
  • Selling
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Social Marketing

If you want we work together to create a website, please send me a message to😊