Ardi Gorgo

Ardi Levent

Front-end Designer

/ Process

I am profoundly involved in the whole process from the very first idea at the beginning to the final result. The most important thing for me is to talk to clients on many subjects to do a good job.

/ Philosophy

The content is the design. The design is the content. And the simplicity isn’t simple. My focus is to deliver successful creative solutions in a perfect way through the whole process to create something unique.

The design should be easy, both by concept and production because it leads to good visual communication.

/ Disciplines

  • Planing and developing site structure
  • Typography
  • Concept Work & Development
  • Graphic Communication
  • More Coffee

The What

I build simple and creative Kirby Themes.

My design philosophy is centered around simplicity. I focus on clean lines, white space and solid colors to create an aesthetic which is both modern and timeless. I aim to enhance your content, not outshine it.

If you follow me, you will see that; small and middle business themes, portfolio themes, shop themes and blog themes.

Please, feel free ask any question to me.

The Why

Because i love Flat File CMS and simplicty.

If you need a theme for your blog, portfolio website, middle and small busines website, why you shoud use Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc . They are so heavy and full of useless things.

With Flat File CMS, all of the content is managed through folders and .txt files. This means all related images to an article are contained in the folder, so media uploaders do not have to be used and find them again if you need to.

By using .txt files instead of a database, it makes it much faster to load pages.

A great advantage of Flat File CMS is the simplicity of the CMS.