Cover-001 / Text Button

Cover-002 / Scroll Down Text Button

Cover-003 / Narrow Tiny Title and Small Text

Monochrome Toothbrush

For the humble Toothbrush, the desire to combine both the practical and the aesthetic seems to be somewhat of a tall.

Cover-004 / Half Image, Arrow, Narrow Small Title, Wide Text and Button

A modular scale, like a musical scale

They declare an unnecessary amount of different font-sizes that upon inspection, don’t come close to resembling a sane type scale.

Cover-005 / Narrow Medium Thin Title

Nomad’s Base Station is the ultimate in handsome accruements.

Cover-006 / Narrow Title, Tiny Text and Button

Pen Type-B

After their highly successful design of Pen Type-A back in 2011, Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy—CW&T.