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A Piscina do Parque Lage

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Capela do Monte

Contemporary building programs have been set up to include necessary commodities—from waterways and ventilation to electricity among other basics. To strip off extraneous elements is one way to reduce irrelevant factors and focus on the building itself, often along with its functions.

However, Capela do Monte by architect Álvaro Siza Vieira gives a new meaning to reduction, where the architecture is simply its own body without the interference of inner building systems.

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Kosmos Pen

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Sebastian Alberdi Gala Sofa

Created by Barcelona-based industrial designer Sebastian Alberdi, the Gala Sofa design started from a very specific briefing from a client who wanted a dining sofa—a piece of furniture that strikes a balance between a dining chair and a bench.

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Sarah Oppenheimer
Sarah Oppenheimer

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Works in Paper

Works in Paper

Sydney-based freelance designer and paper artist Bianca Chang has created a beautiful bespoke collection of 3-dimensional letterforms

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The Planes

The Planes

Chris Packer exhibited a series of paintings titled ‘The Planes’ for Factory 49 in February in what’s known as the ‘Office Space’; for the same duration, I exhibited a new project in the ‘Showroom’.

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Kristina Krogh’s Sphere artwork is a thing of subtle and considered beauty. Utilising Hot Foil Printing, and the highest of quality materiality for her finished works, the resulting pieces are enviable space adornments.