LENO Arm Chair

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec: Works

Skeleton Cutlery


- Classpack

After 50 years of experience, last August its new minimalist brand identity

- SPP Branding

The branding was created for the Poznan University of Technology Cantee

- Edition

Located in the centre of Parnell, New Zealand.

-- 001 Revolution Glassware

-- 003 Desert House

-- 002 Fold Series

Eny Lee Parker

Museum Catalogue

Revolution Glassware

Fferrone’s Revolution Glassware collection is a minimalist’s dream.

Museum Catalogue

Focused on luxury tiles with a wide range of finishes, formats, and textures

Skeleton Cutlery

There is always a harmonious mesh between individuality of ideas and collaborations of production.

Hard Copy

The spiral of novelty is quickening, the edge of the universe keeps dreaming.

An Uncommon Palce

Love is the path of least resistance.

Zulu Mask

The moment we stop inventing is the moment we cease being human.


Desire to taste the deep.