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The Studio Of Your Dreams

Shuffle is an engineering and design studio based in İzmir, Turkey, with dedicated team members across the globe.

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Graphic Design, Research & Code

My work blends research, strategy, interactions and storytelling to design emotionally meaningful experiences for people & products.

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From Real To Digital?

Since inception internet was meant to deconstruct the existing real world barriers between humans.

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Type Scale

Why Typography Matters?

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Pixel Lab

Looking to create a beautiful, responsive website for your startup or clients? Shuffle saves you time and energy with an effortless platform to build a fully designed website.

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Ardi Gorgo


Build pages with ready-to-use components, like gallery, slideshow, cover and much more.

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Readability is primarily the concern of designer

It is the intended result of the complete process of presentation of textual material in order to communicate meaning.

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Helping You Think

Shuffle transforms the hardest part of any project — developing your ideas. Discover new things without losing focus on what matters to you.

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By Ardi Gorgo

Over 135 responsive design modules ready to be used in your web.

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We believe in working to— gether with our clients leads to the best possible result. Rather than working for them.

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Samuji Lookbook SS16

Role: Design Direction

Creative Director: Ardi Levent Usta


Photography: Ville Varumo

Samuji is a Finnish design house renowned for its sophisticated and sustainable apparel and homeware, with stores in Helsinki and New York. The printed catalog for the brand’s menswear Spring—Summer ’16 collection was designed to consists of a folded product index attached to an editorial portion photographed by Ville Varumo. Applying a visual identity originally created by Hennamari Asunta, the lookbook embodies an ethos of simple design with thought-out details and attention to materials.

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We care. About material. About surface. About colour. About paper. About function. About value. We care about your business.

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About Me

You never get a second chance for a first impression.

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We don’t fear leaving the comfort zone.

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How Shuffle works

Getting basic understanding of the interface: how to upload, edit and publish